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2019 NFHS Rules Changes


    1-1-7, 2-22-4, Table 5-1, 5-1-1o:
    The media shall be prohibited from being in live-ball area. The
    home team or game management may designate an area for the media in dead ball territory.
    Rationale: Clarifies that game management may designate a media area in dead ball territory.

    The knob may be molded, lathed, welded or adjustable, but must be permanently fastened.
    Rationale: Clarifies that an adjustable knob is permissible, provided the knob is permanently
    fastened by the manufacturer.

    Defensive players are permitted to wear a shield on their face/head protection in the field but
    it must be constructed of a molded, rigid material that is clear and permits 100 percent (no tint)
    allowable light transmission.
    Rationale: In an effort to promote risk minimization, tinted eye shields are prohibited for defensive
    face/head protection.

    6-1-1 PENALTY, 6-1-2 Thru 4 PENALTY, 6-2-1 PENALTY, 6-2-7
    PENALTY: in the case of an illegal pitch, the batter is awarded a ball. The penalty that permitted base runners to be awarded one base without liability to be put out is removed.
    Rationale: The new language creates more balance between offense and defense. The batter should receive the award rather than runners already on base.

    2-65-2: Clarifies there can be no appeal of the play that occurred prior to the umpire awarding an
    intentional walk.

    6-1-2a, b: Clarifies what motion constitutes the start of the pitch and when the step back of the non-
    pivot foot may be taken.

    APPENDIX H: An Appendix regarding DP/FLEX rules was added for quick reference


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