New Hampshire Softball Umpires Association

NHSUA Dues and Test Deadlines


  • Dues need to be paid by June 30th, to avoid a $25.00 penalty.
    {we pay a year in advance}
  • Active DUES are determined by the Executive Board.
  • DUES BY JUNE 30, 2024 ARE
  • $xx.00 for active members.
  • $45.00 for In-Active members
  • Executive Board fee's were Wavied by the Membership
  • NHIAA REGISTRATIONFEE DUE BY 10/31- Cannot assign games if you do not pay the NHIAA Registration Fee



Assigning System: Date, Deadlines & Eligibility Requirement

  March   First Sunday in March - (1) Annual Association Meeting (2) Apprentice Test  (3) Rules Clinic
  April   Test must be completed on-line
  April   Next years schedule to be requested from A.D. by the Regional Assignors.
  May   Clinic for 3-man system.  All umpires selected for semis and finals must attend in three year period. (Proposal of new format)
  June 30 Next season dues must be paid.
  August 31 Last date dues will be accepted with late fee to remain eligible for membership.
  September 1 Notice of suspension to be mailed to suspended members.  Regional Assignors to be furnished list of eligible members.
  September 2 In writing appeal from suspended members must be received by the Executive Board.
  October   Regional Assigning Chair will notify all members to sign on.
  October   Regional Assignors must make sure all people in their region are signed into the aribiter and information is updated.
  December   Regional Assignors will have first set of games set on the ARBITER
  January   All members receiving assignments must accept or denie on the ARBITER. 
  February   Regional Assignors to re-assign all games that were turned back.
  February   FINAL/UP DATED assignments on the ARBITER

Before Annual meeting schedules should be confirmed by membership so members can accept games from other Regions.

  March   Schedules of assignments should be completed
      Note:  After this date and only after this date should members accept other assignments.
  March   CYCLE BEGINS AGAIN. ALSO, at the Annual meeting day every member will be given an availability sheet to be made out and sent to the regional assignor.
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