New Hampshire Softball Umpires Association


     I have spoken with the NFHS Director of Sports and Officials at the National office in regards to the use of the Bat Ring. (See Body of this E-mail) The Bat Ring is no longer acceptable to use to determine if the bat is legal. We have to go by what the Rule Book states and that is in Rule 1-5 in the 2013 Rule Book. Under 1-5-1,2,3 (Specifically 1-5-1-C) Be free of rattles, dents, burrs, cracks and sharp edges. These bats would be illegal and not allowed in the game. Remember that if the bat has a dent, the team may NOT use it even if in the past we use to use the bat ring and if it went over the bat without forcing it, the bat would be legal. The only association that has allowed the use of the bat ring is the NCAA. Be guided accordingly and get the word out to your umpires. I will go over this at our annual meeting and make up meetings as well. This is a liability issue. If the bat exploded or broke in half and we let it go with dents etc., a lawyer might hold the umpire responsible for allowing a dented bat that the umpire OKd by using a bat ring to check it and a player got hurt. Thanks in advance for your help in getting the word out. ASA is the governing body for legal and illegal bats used in the NFHS and they don’t use them and it has been eliminated from the ASA rule book. It was in the rule book for years but not now.. I also have spoken to the National Staff at ASA to confirm the aforementioned topic. I have also asked why the ASA equipment division is still selling bat rings. I have not got an answer yet but I will be in Oklahoma City in Feb for the ASA National UIC Clinic and I will get the answer at that time if not sooner.


NHSUA 1978 - 2009

Double first base is permitted

Game ending procedures may be determined. We use the 12 run rule after 4 ½ innings have been played. The home team must bat if they are trailing by 12 runs before game can end.

State Association are authorized to specify the time frame and/or circumstances before a forfeit will be declared for a late arrival by teams. We as umpires should wait at least 45 minutes. If a team fails to arrive at a contest at its scheduled start time the officials shall not wait longer than forty-five {45} minutes. After the forty- five {45} minute wait the game will be called as a “no game”

4-4-1 N.H.
Does allow protest

If you have started the game and it is delayed for any reason (weather) you must wait 30 minutes. If the game is not complete then the game is a suspended game and will be picked up at a later date and continued where it left off. All tournament games must go the full 7 innings unless the 12 run rule is applied.