New Hampshire Softball Umpires Association

NHIAA State Adopted Rules

NHSUA 1978 to Present:

1.2.1 BASES NOTE:  By state association adoption, a double first base is permitted.
The base shall be a one-or-two-piece unit, 15 inches by 30 inches and
manufactured to be of equal height.  The base in foul territory shall be a color
other than white.

4.2.3 ENDING A GAME:  A state association may adopt game-ending procedures
that determine how games are ended, including suspended games.

NHIAA has declared the a 12-run rule will be in effect after 5 innings, or 4 1/2
innings if the home team is ahead.

4.3.1.a FORFEITED GAME:  A game shall be forfeited to the offended team by
the umpire when a team:  a)  is late in appearing or in beginning play after the umpire
calls "Play Ball".  State associations are authorized to specify the time frame
and/or cirumstances before a forfeit will be decalred for a late arrival by one of the teams.

Umpires should wait at least 45 minutes.  After the 45-minute wait the game may
be called as a "no game".

4-4 PROTESTED GAME:  NH does allow for a game to be protested.

5.2.1.b SUSPENSION OF PLAY:  "Time" shall be called by the umpire and play
suspended:  b)  when the umpire considers the weather or ground conditions unfit
for play.  NOTE:  After 30 minutes, the umpire may declare the game ended or, by
state association adopted, suspended.

If the game is not complete, then the game is a suspended game and may be
picked up later and continued where it left off.  Tournament games must go 7
innings unless the 12-run rule is applied.

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