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Supervisor of Umpires Report

1. Protests should be reported to both myself and Mark Cherbonneau. Mark should be called for protests first. You need to call us. If the winning team is protesting and does not want to file after the game you must still contact myself to make a report. Avoid problems by reading the rulebooks. Correct procedures - protest must be made before the next pitch. Sign off on both books at time of protest. If teams are protesting the field conditions, fix it if you can. Once the game is started it must be played. It is not protest able if you start the game.
603-475-5711 (Cellular) 
603-845-1556  ext 5430 (Work) 

2. Ejections and physical contact should be reported to me the day of the ejection or physical contact. You need call me, so I can report it the next day to NHIAA and the schools know.

You need to call me so I can report it the next day to NHIAA and inform the schools.  Please let Mark know between April 26 and May 5 as I will be out of the country.

3. Fees

Varsity $88
JV $68
Over 40 miles $14---80 miles $24
Scrimmage rate is the JV rate--$68
If you are doing a doubleheader, it is $10 less.

4. Go on the NHIAA website, read the Policy and Procedures manual for softball. Points of Special Emphasis.

a. Suspended games

b. Appropriate attire for coaches

c. Appropriate attire for players

d. Flex Rule

e. Huddle Rule

f. Guidelines for Management of Concussions

g. Equipment

h. Ending Rule-12 run rule********

i. Bench and Field Conduct

j. Blood Spillage and Body Fluids procedures

k. Lightning/Thunder

5. Test needs to be complete by April 6nd. You have 3 tries. The answers will be posted April 7th

6. Do not forget to pay your NHIAA registration fee--$65.

7. All NHIAA forms are on our website.

8. If there is a field or equipment problem, please call me so I can contact NHIAA.

9. Playoffs - Some umpires did not get games last year either because you did not go to a 3 man clinic or because there were less games last year, so there were less umpires needed.  The softball committee told me to only use AA and A umpires in the first 2 rounds unless I had to use B umpires and in the semi and final games only AA umpires unless A’s are needed.

10. Make sure all your phone numbers are correct on the Arbiter. Two years ago during the playoffs, I had a real hard time finding some umpires on Saturday morning when game times were changed at the last minute.

11. Tournament requirements - attend an interpretation meeting, pay your dues, attend a 3-man clinic if you are an “A” classified umpire or if you are an “AA” that did not go last year, do a minimum of 7 varsity games, and pass the test.

12. Last points

a. Disqualified players should be on the bench for supervision

b. If bus is late or there is rain - give enough time to get the game in

c. Have good game control

d. Do not be afraid to communicate with your partner

e. Make yourself approachable-be flexible

f. Use good Judgement

g. Let me know if there are any problems with the field, coaches, ADs, parents if you feel you need to.

h. Umpires who park in the special playoff spots at the playoff sties should still pay to get into the game unless they are working.

i. Read the Illegal Pitch rules and penalty

j. Read the Preseason Softball Guide closely from NFHS

13. Have a great season. Good Luck!

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