New Hampshire Softball Umpires Association


The game fees as set by the NHIAA Sports Officiating Committee;

      Tourney rounds
Year JV Varsity Prelims/quarters Semis/Finals
2024 63 (Plus 10 minimum in mileage) 83 (Plus 10 minimum in mileage)   100 112

The new structure which was approved (starting 2023-2024) increase the
fees to $83 and $63 with a new travel allowance based on one-way
0 – 20 miles add $10
21 – 40 miles add $20
41 – 60 miles add $30
60 + miles add $40

So, when you travel 43 miles one way and do a varsity game,
fee paid is $113 if also a Sub-V, then $176


  • If a game is postponed and the official is not notified, the official shall be paid a game fee plus mileage where applicable.
  • If a game is postponed, canceled, or changed for any reason and the official is notified, there will be no payment to the official
  • If on official does not show up and the official that shows works alone, the working official shall be paid one and one half usual game fee and a report of the incident shall be sent to the Supervisor of Officials with copies sent to the Executive Director of the NHIAA and the assignor of that sport.
  • If an official doesn’t show and someone works with hired official both people should be paid a full fee and a report of the incident shall be sent to the Supervisor of Officials through the NHIAA Office.
  • Once the game starts a full fee will be paid.
  • If there is a continued game at the same site or a continued game at opponent’s site in addition to another game the officials will be paid one half the game fee plus mileage.
  • If a game is postponed just prior to the scheduled start an offer will be made to the original official for the make-up game and the official will receive a game fee.
  • An official must have an avenue of contact up to {two hours} before game time. The official should contact the school {or the NHIAA during tournament play} to check if the game will be played. If an official does not check and travels to the site of the postponed event a game fee shall not be paid.

Exception: Football officials must have an avenue of contact up to three hours before game time.

  • If both officials do not show for the game the assignor must pay bus transportation costs for the rescheduled game.


Mileage is from the center of town where the official resides to the center of town where the event is played according to the New Hampshire Department of Transportation mileage guidelines. Mileage payment shall be for round trip. {where applicable}

  • If a team fails to arrive at a contest at its scheduled start time the officials shall not wait longer than forty-five {45} minutes. After the forty- five {45} minute wait the game will be called as a “no game”

In the event the traveling school calls ahead to inform the home school they are experiencing difficulties arriving for the start of the contest the officials shall remain in order to start the contest.



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